Faculty examination regulations:
These Regulations are made in accordance with and subject to the provisions of the General Examination Regulations of Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria.

  1. Due to the peculiarities of the medical curriculum of this Faculty, examinations for the various levels of the MBBS programmes are staggered over the sessions.  The Faculty operates sessional examination system whereby two period of examination are held in the Faculty.  (Sit and Resit examination).  After each examination, the Board of Examiners meets to discuss the Results, which are then provisionally released subject to approval of the Faculty Board and the Senate of the University.
  2. In order to be admitted into any examination, a student must have been registered for the course-units to be examined and must have fulfilled any University requirements concerning residence, fees and  other matters.  He must also have fulfilled any faculty requirements regarding attendance at or satisfactory completion of any course-work, practical, assignments, projects or other matters.  The standard necessary to satisfy these faculty requirements shall be determined from time to time by a Faculty Board on the recommendation of the appropriate departments, and any changes shall be made known to the students by the start of the relevant teaching.
  3. A student shall be at the examination room at least ten minutes before the advertised time of the examination. A student is required to supply his pens, pencils, rulers etc.


  1. A student may be admitted up to forty-five minutes after the start of the examination but he shall not be allowed extra time.  If a student arrives later than forty-five minutes after the start of the examination an invigilator may at his discretion admit him if he is satisfied the student has good reason for his lateness.  The Invigilator shall report the circumstances to the Faculty Examinations Officer who shall advise the Board of Examiners which shall decide whether to accept the student’s paper.
  2. A student may be permitted by an Invigilator to leave the examination room during the course of an examination provided that:
  •  No student shall normally be allowed to leave during the first hour or the last fifteen minutes of the examination.
  •  A student must hand his script to the Invigilator before leaving if he does not intend to return.
  •   A student who leaves the examination room shall not be  Re-admitted unless throughout the period of his absence he has been continually under the supervision of an invigilator or Assistant Invigilator.

    A student shall bring his examination card to each examination and display it in a prominent position on his desk.  Each student shall complete a form bearing his number and name, which shall be collected by the invigilator of each examination.

    During an examination no student shall speak to any other student, or, except as essential, to the invigilator, or make any noise or disturbance.

    No book, printed-paper, or written document or unauthorized aid may be taken into an examination room by any student, except as may be stated in the rubrics of any examination paper.  A student is required to deposit any handbag, briefcase, etc at the invigilators desk or a desk provided for the purpose before the start of an examination.

    A student must not during an examination directly or indirectly give assistance to any other student or permit any other student to copy from or otherwise use his papers.  Similarly, a student must not directly accept assistance from any other student or used any other student’s papers.

    If any student is found to be or is suspected of, infringing any of the provisions of examination regulation or in any way cheating or disturbing the conduct of the examination, a report shall be made as soon as possible to the Faculty Examinations Officer and the Dean.  The Dean will cause the circumstances to be investigated and reported to the Board of Examiners.  The student concerned shall be allowed to continue with the examination provided he causes no disturbance but the Board of Examiners may subsequently recommend to the Faculty Board and Senate whether his paper should be accepted and as to any other action that should be taken in the case.


    A student shall write his examination number, not his name, distinctly at the top of the cover of every answer book or separated sheet of paper.

    The use of scrap paper is not permitted.  All rough work must be done in answer books and crossed neatly through, or in supplementary answer books, which must be submitted to the invigilator.  Except for the printed question paper a student may not remove from the examination room or mutilate any paper or other material supplied.

    At the end of the time allotted, each student shall stop writing when instructed to do so and shall gather his scripts together in order for collection by the invigilator.